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What We Stand For

Accessible Tax and Financial Services offers the expertise of IRS-registered Tax Preparers, ensuring you receive knowledgeable, respectful, and personalized client service. Tailored to address a diverse spectrum of small businesses and individual tax requirements, our services aim to alleviate your tax concerns. Entrust us with your tax matters, and experience the freedom to shift your focus away from small business and individual tax worries. We are dedicated to providing the assurance and support you need, allowing you to prioritize the aspects of life that matter most to you.

Our Mission

Professionalism with a Family Feel

At Accessible Tax and Financial Services, our mission is to provide unparalleled financial empowerment to individuals and small businesses. As a dedicated team of IRS-registered Tax Preparers, we commit to delivering expert knowledge, respect, and personalized client service. Our focus extends beyond mere compliance; we aim to alleviate the burden of small business and individual tax concerns, allowing our clients to concentrate on what matters most in their lives. Rooted in a dream that became reality over a shared dinner, our founders, Mary and Whitley, envisioned a business where clients are not just numbers but valued relationships. We are driven by the belief that through education and understanding, our clients can make informed decisions to navigate the impact of taxes on their lives. Accessible Tax and Financial Services stands as a beacon of professionalism with a family feel, embodying our unwavering commitment to your financial well-being.

Our Story

Success is Within Reach

Accessible, situated in Pflugerville near Austin, Texas, is a women-owned small business born from a shared dream between two colleagues turned friends. Over dinner, Mary and Whitley envisioned a business that would demystify taxes and bookkeeping for family and friends. United by the belief that clients are more than mere numbers and that exceptional customer service is paramount, they embarked on a journey to educate clients, empowering them to make informed decisions to mitigate the impact of taxes on their lives. The ethos of providing professionalism with a family feel is not just a tagline for Mary and Whitley—it encapsulates their genuine commitment to their clients and reflects the true essence of who they are.

Mary Mayes

About Mary Mayes

Mary brings a wealth of experience to the world of taxation and financial management. Having recently retired from the state of Texas after an impressive 31-year career, she served as a key figure in fiscal oversight, managing operating budgets across various funding streams for contracted services. With an in-depth understanding of state and federal statutes and regulations in contracts, contract administration, and financial administration of grants, Mary conducted site visits and desk reviews to ensure compliance.

Now, as a Tax Professional with over 15 years of expertise in tax preparation for both individuals and small businesses, Mary channels her passion into ensuring clients comprehend the intricacies of their taxes and how they impact their personal lives. Mary, along with her partner, has coined the slogan "Professional Services with a Family Feel," reflecting their genuine care for clients and commitment to providing top-notch, personalized financial services.

Whitley Moore

About Whitley Moore

Whitley, a seasoned Tax Professional, boasts over a decade of expertise in delivering comprehensive tax and financial advice. Her specialization lies in individual and small business tax returns, complemented by her background in the financial industry as a credit and financial analyst. In this role, Whitley played a pivotal role in helping clients minimize risk for long-term success.

Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from East Carolina University, Whitley combines academic prowess with hands-on experience. She is an active member of The Junior League of Austin, showcasing her commitment to community involvement.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Whitley finds joy in traveling, cherishing moments with her family, and dedicated volunteering throughout her community. Her multifaceted skill set and passion for community engagement define her as a well-rounded professional dedicated to financial excellence and community betterment.

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